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Dealers should not be fishing in 10

If the river channel metaphor, likened the product water flow, to channel the profits of all aspects of fish in water metaphor, then, dealers have to make a profit, in the end to the upstream (manufacturer) "Laoyu" or to the downstream (network) "fishing"?

Reality which, due to lack of business management, business staff negligence and dereliction of duty, and distributors eager to make profits, leading to the upper reaches of the majority of dealers vulnerable to "quick kill" the error, can not form healthy profit dealers mode, leading to significant passive market.

Through observation, companies need a high degree of vigilance against the following 10 "fish":

First fish: the promotion costs of closure benefit

Phenomenon: When the factory according to market needs, develop a marketing strategy and cost of support, the dealers will not be fully used in the cost intensity of the market. Such as: a biscuit company under the "independent package" of new products to market needs, in a market of 20% of the sample package (marked "for sale" word) delivery program, the market dealers are unauthorized to half of the sample packet is split into "casual cake "sold,

Remaining before the delivery to the terminal.

Consequences: enterprise development programs and costs to support the promotion is to rapidly open up the market, beating competitors, and if the dealers will support the costs Jinxingzhijie closure or disguised Jie Liu, will result in discounts on in the implementation strategy, so the lack of market impact and ultimately causing manufacturers spend money, the market not see output, dealers did not earn more money.

Second fish: false benefit costs

Phenomenon: the dealer to various costs of false profits, such as costs of super into the store, Duitou fees, display fees, Dianqing fees, activity fees, personnel fees, and Shopping guide, for more than false reports, not the cost of flowers that spent and spent less cost that much to spend, through various shops and the cost of money to the enterprise.

Consequences: manufacturers often put into the market after the inputs and outputs found in disproportionate ability in question, while business people will doubt the strength of dealers and network control, and then transfer the cost to support the market direction, the input and output is high and the market to tilt.

Third fish: special benefit fraud

Phenomenon: When the factory products in the supermarket launched a special section, the product of "specials" below dealer's "purchase price", dealers sent their own special products will be purchased, the cost of support to earn the same time, back to factory manufactured products "quick consumption" of the illusion, then the manufacturers should take the cost of further support. Circulation in the factory for the dealer as part of "late sales" when digestion products, for the fee, they say that the grocery stores anymore, but in reality simply no Distribution Issues; over a period of time, selling products that they later returned, and subsequently continued to manufacturers money.

Consequences: "Special," product did not digest the digest, but also not really a market consumption, against competitors, while at the dealer to make immediate, is in fact self-deceiving, deceive the bully had. Because, when manufacturers continue to lose your support, what products or will rot in your warehouse.

Fourth Fish: bribes for cost benefit

Phenomenon: the dealer or active or passive, to the business, even corporate managers to bribe, bribery, overt or covert manner; out the way the two sides are often direct "exchange", dealer, factory sales staff commissions, marketing personnel to the dealer for the appropriate types of costs; dark ways, such as dealers and business people together to play mahjong or poker, active lose money.

Consequences: once the factory service personnel to gain mileage, will continue to obtain and ultimately lead to manufacturers as part of the real costs of inputs fall into the hands of business, dealers put away their part of the cost of the actual market investment is greatly reduced and can not meet the market growth needs. Moreover, once companies find out in the business enterprise, while facing staff, dealers are likely to lose their importance in enterprises.

Fifth fish: Yahuo benefit

Phenomenon: As the business objectives of the business enterprise staff assessment shipments, each end of the month, when business people to get the wages and bonuses, had to dealers Yahuo. And operational staff to dealers Yahuo, dealers would have to apply to a particular Yahuo "fee", or commitment to the dealer to give greater support for next month.

Consequences: Yahuo the end result, dealers were engaged in every big "belly", not digest, the support was again Yahuo big "stomach", a long time, dealers will inevitably suffer from "gastrointestinal diseases "; and develop operational staff are used to pass by Yahuo bear the pressure of their own after that, inevitably insufferably arrogant, and if you do not agree Yahuo, he will have another" empty stomach "(for distributors) to Yahuo. After the Spring Festival, an instant noodle no less than goods to the dealer pressure, put the Henan region, dealers almost changed over and over, eventually leading to the market overall jump drive.

Sixth Fish: slow purchase benefit

Phenomenon: If the benefit is the dealer Yahuo passive benefit, then take the initiative to reduce distributor purchase benefit is time to seek interest in the purchase of a way. Such as: a dealer in the normal sales rate of the purchase, the dealer has intentionally delayed purchase rate, and then talking to the enterprise market operations to these difficulties, the competing product promotions intensity of the enterprise for greater promotion to the cost of support; once business people eager to purchase when dealers will cost more support to the dealer.

Consequences: a sense of relief when the dealer purchases, the business people are not "idiot", when the two sides, "the progress" and "can not progress" between the "internal friction" when the loss of the white market opportunities, and lead to dealers and operational staff can concentrate on doing effective work to do to bring about sustained growth in sales of the work; both sides when a deadlock, even broke up.

VII of the Fish: FALSIFYING benefit

Phenomenon: "Lack of own land, planted others in the field." Many dealers fail to fulfill their sales tasks, on the cheap to sell the good people changing commodity market to access to basic profit and after the completion of tasks rebate.

Consequences: the result of changing commodity must be channel conflict between the price of transparency. When the channel every link when there is no guarantee of profits, dealers simply can not operate in this market was; and most of the enterprises will be changing commodity is strictly punished, and distributors may be so incurred "mean death." Even if companies do not care, a vicious FALSIFYING dealer will surely suffer around the dealer's "siege", when their market is dumping zone, when the market is becoming tasteless.

VIII of the Fish: Intimidation benefit

Phenomenon: "do not give additional promotion, I would not have done." "Products do not lower prices, the market died." I tried to get in Bengbu, Anhui, a new distributor (choosing to act "Hua" instant noodles) in 15 days sales of 27 million white elephant instant noodles, that dealers immediately with a white elephant sales, Hualong company to "intimidation" from the staff on the cost to the five individual support, terminal promotion on air bags to a five-for-1 support package of instant noodles, as well as promotional support for a large channel and so on; in his face threatening to benefit Hualong after he came back to me Po "intimidation", you have to give me the same policy support to the Hualong, or else white face up on the do not like.

Consequences: in my case, I first give the dealer a "Cold War" treatment, its back from the dead three days sightseeing before relaxing some (familiar with local customs), and then paid a visit to focus on other Several excellent food distributors. Then I told dealers to "off terror," you do Hualong, I intend to change the account; to white elephant products and my business ability, professionalism, and I can help you to do half the time 27 million, I can use the 3 months time to help other dealers achieve 1 million, you figure it out. A good business and a good man of business is that it could not be frightened, it will "shooting itself in the foot."

Article fish: adulteration benefit

Phenomenon: Most dealers do not benefit their sale of counterfeits, but some dealers will benefit adulteration, which focused on a number of bulk products. For example: frozen food industry, glutinous rice balls, dumplings, dumplings and other large bulk sales, and some manufacturers have a considerable portion of the regular products by foreign co-processing, dealers sold the goods into the regular factory to make money faster but less; Thus, distribution Business wanted, you find another process, why can not I find someone else process, so their goods into the small factory, into cold storage in a mixed, will become a regular factory product, but sold the same price, profit rapidly improved.

Consequences: after adulteration uneven quality, seriously affecting the consumer's brand loyalty, in the event of media exposure, will shatter the hard and nurturing themselves and their business brand.

10th Fish: Cargo benefit fraud

Phenomenon: the dealer using factory holes on the settlement money used for discharge do not pay, less pay, or bank draft conscious means of a small mistake, fraud payment.

Consequences: Such dealers strictly speaking, not the lack of business integrity, and even walk the edge of violating the law; such dealers will go to earn a cargo vehicle, and will not win the market, the market will certainly eliminated.

"Both of them benefit whichever weight, both with the lesser evil." Dealers should pay attention to the 10 fish, whether enterprise or to the distributors, are "profit is less than harm," So, we must effectively 10 to prevent the salvage dealer "fish"; the same time, enterprises must provide to the dealer network to downstream fishing tools and methods to guide and help dealers get more "fish."

To sum up in one sentence, is "to give people fish, rather teach him to fish," business only to the dealer for more "fishing", dealers can catch more "fish."

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